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2XL CareWipes Surface Sanitizing Wipes, 1000 Wipes (2 Bags of 500)

17.20 LBS

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Product description

Food service surface wipes are specifically formulated to maintain the high antibacterial standards expected in food prep and food service areas. Wipes kill most bacteria in 30 seconds. Alcohol and bleach free wipes. Effectively kill food borne pathogens like E. coli and listeria and reduce cross contamination risk typical of rags and buckets. High tech formula cleans better than traditional high alcohol products. Safe for use on all hard, nonporous surfaces. Created to replace the “red bucket” of sanitized bleach water for cleaning surfaces that contact food in the back-of-house environment.

  • Towel/Wipe Type: Disinfecting Wipes
  • Application: Food Contact Surfaces, Tables, Chairs, Counter Tops, Bar Tops
  • Applicable Material: Ceramic, Formica, Granite, Plastic, Sealed Wood & Steel
  • Material(s): Polyester/Rayon
  • Quantity: 1000 Wipes (2 Bags of 500)