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3M E A R Peltor OPTIME 105 Behind-The-Head Earmuffs

1.15 LBS

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Product description
With a 105 dBA noise-level rating, these muffs provide the protection you need for most construction and manufacturing environments. Double-shell Twin-Cup&trade
technology ensures ultra-effective broad-frequency attenuation. Low-profile, behind-the-head design enables use with most protective eyewear and nearly any helmet or hardhat. Liquid-filled foam ear cushions more easily conform to the contour of your head, ensuring a low-pressure, comfortable fit. Color-coding simplifies workplace compliance sighting. Material(s): ABS Plastic
Ear Cushion Material: Liquid-Filled Foam
Noise Reduction Rate (NRR): 29 dB
Style: Behind-The-Head.
Unit of Measure : Each