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AcryliBuff Spray On Spray Buff Floor Gloss Restorer, 1 Quart (3-Pack)

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Remove black scuffs marks, dirt and replace them with a brilliant shine, making your floors look like new with Acrylibuff by JaniSource. By extending the life of your floors, you save time and money by not needing to recoat as frequently. Extend the time spans between stripping and keep your floors looking buff, with AcryliBuff.

  • For Spray buffing floors back to their beautiful shine.
  • Remove all tar, gum, and excess soil from the floor.
  • Spray a fine mist of concentrate onto the floor just prior to buffing
  • DO NOT OVERWET. Use a spray buff pad and buff to a high shine.
  • For use on Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Asbestos, Ashphalt Tile, Linoleum, Rubber Tile, Terrazzo, Sealed Wood, Quarry Tile, and Marble
  • Quantity: 1 Quart (3-Pack)

Note: Due to COVID-19, there is currently a shortage of triggers. This product may come with one trigger or no trigger. 




     ACRYLIBUFF- Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
     ACRYLIBUFF - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)