AcryliStrip Commercial Floor Finish Stripper Concentrate, 5 Gallon Pail

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Until now, it has been necessary to use a floor machine, hot water, aggressive pads and excessive labor in order to strip floors, but not anymore. AcryliStrip Floor Stripper is the most effective floor finish emulsifier ever developed! It will eat away aged and built-up finishes almost instantly. Save time, labor and money with Acrylistrip. To protect your floors and give them a beautiful shine, apply AcryliShine Concentrated UHS Floor Cleaner & Gloss Restorer after stripping. JaniSource is your source for beautiful floors!

  • May be used as a no-scrub stripper or with a conventional floor machine and pad depending on the concentration of the product and the condition of the floor.
  • Use this emulsifier with metal interlock acrylic polymer, styrene, water based urethane and carnauba and synthetic wax finishes and seals.
  • It suspends loosened film completely for easy vacuum pick-up or mop off.
  • Quantity: 5 Gallon Pail


AcryliStrip - Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

AcryliStrip - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)