Arctic Kleen NF Non-Flammable Freezer Cleaner, 2.5 Gallon, Case of 2 (107340)

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A ready to use freezer cleaner for floors, walls, and equipment in sub-freezing areas. Helps in melting existing ice formations and will not harm concrete or leave any slippery residues. Specially formulated to be effective in temperatures to -5°F. Quickly removes dirt, grime, fat and grease deposits from hard surfaces.

  • Effective to -5°F designed for use in sub-freezing areas
  • De-ices aiding in melting existing ice formation
  • Non-flammable
  • Versatile with multiple uses on floors, walls and equipment
  • Volume: 2.5 Gallon
  • Unit of Measure: Case of 2

AUTOMATIC SCRUBBER: Equip machine with aggressive pad such as steel wire and fill supply tank with ready to use cleaner. Double-scrub procedure will give best results. Lay down solution with scrubbing action and allow solution to dwell on surface 5 minutes – then lower squeegee blade, scrubbing again, and pick up.

CONVENTIONAL ROTARY FLOOR MACHINE: Equip machine with aggressive brush such as steel wire. Spray, mop, or spread ready to use cleaner on surface, scrub and allow solution to remain on surface for 5 minutes. Scrub again and pick up soiled solution with wet vacuum or mop.

MANUAL CLEANING: Apply cleaner by spray, mop, or sponge and follow by aggressive double brushing or scrubbing. Pick up soiled solution with wet vacuum, mop, or by wiping.