Automatic Floor Scrubber

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Extend the Life of Your Floors with a Walk Behind or Ride-On Scrubber

As with any flooring be it carpet, laminate or linoleum, a high performance floor coating (epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurea, MMA or urethane) requires some maintenance for it to perform as expected. It is important to keep the floor clean on a regular basis. Dirty floors can greatly decrease the lifespan / appearance of a floor as dirt on the surface of the floor increases friction and wear.

Keep Your Polished Concrete & Coated Floors Clean

Keeping it clean can be as simple as a sweep, and a mop with clean warm water and a neutral cleaner. But depending on the size of the area, this may not be realistic on a regular basis. Using an auto floor scrubber speeds up the process, does a thorough job cleaning the floor, and may make you or your employees more likely to keep up on a cleaning schedule.

JaniSource Floor Scrubber Sales

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Advantages of floor scrubbers over manual cleaning

Think about your goals for cleaning. Do they include providing a productive learning environment, promoting health and safety, and making a good impression? By enabling faster, more efficient cleaning, floor scrubbers can help you accomplish all of these goals better than mops and brooms.