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Seven Reasons to Use Parvo Scrub To Kill Parvo

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Sometimes, the world fools us into thinking that there are solutions to problems that are as simple as you could ever want them to be. It’s easy to think, for example, that using bleach to clean and disinfect everything that needs to be cleaned and disinfected makes perfect sense. Bleach is easy to find, it’s inexpensive, and it seems to work pretty well. The fact is, however, there are some cleaners and disinfectants available that are engineered specifically for certain environments and tasks. Such is the case with Parvo Scrub, which was created particularly for environments in which animals live. The fact that parvo is in the name is not the only reason to choose Parvo Scrub over traditional bleach, of course. Here are seven reasons why you should consider trying Parvo Scrub in your veterinary clinic, kennel, or animal shelter.

1. A little goes a long way: Just 8 ounces of Parvo Scrub per gallon of water can eradicate parvo virus, feline leukemia, and many other tough viruses. Smaller amounts of Parvo Scrub can be used to kill less aggressive diseases. Since Parvo Scrub only needs to be used for disinfecting to prevent and eradicate disease, it can last a long time.

2. Works fast: Parvo Scrub just needs to set for 10 minutes to get the job done. It limits the amount of manpower needed because it works so quickly and efficiently.

3. Completely safe to use around animals: Parvo Scrub was engineered so that it can be used with 100% confidence around animals and in their environments.

4. Will not damage furniture or grass (if used outside): Cleaners like bleach can have a very negative impact on furniture, upholstery, metal objects, or glass. The non-corrosive quality of Parvo Scrub means that it can be used anywhere.

5. Your facility will not smell like it was just disinfected: Parvo Scrub has a pleasant odor that is not over-powering. Your facility will smell clean but it will not smell like bleach.

6. Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes all in one step: Parvo Scrub helps save time, labor, and money because it can accomplish three steps in one usage. No additional products are needed.

7. Can be stored for one year: Unlike other cleaners and disinfectants, which can be unstable, Parvo Scrub can be stored for a year. Again, this helps save money over the long term.

There are many other reasons to invest in Parvo Scrub versus a generic cleaner like bleach if you are responsible for cleaning an environment in which animals live. Contact us today to learn more.

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