Commercial Floor Mats Can Cut Cleaning Time In Half

Posted by JaniSource on May 11th 2016

Whether you’re the owner of a retail business, the facility manager of a hospital, or the proprietor of a janitorial service company, clean floors are probably very important to you. Cleaning can be very time consuming, and we all know that time is money. Something you probably never considered, however, is the way that strategic use of commercial floor mats can actually reduce the frequency and depth of cleaning that’s necessary.

Commercial Floor Mats Clean Footwear

There’s nothing worse than mopping or vacuuming a large area of floor, then watching someone walk across it with dusty or muddy shoes. Since you can’t stop every visitor at the door and scrub their shoes clean, a commercial floor mat is the next best thing. The surface of our commercial mats is specifically designed to exert a “scrubbing” force on the bottom of shoes, so the vast majority of dirt stays on the mat and isn’t transferred to the floor.

Commercial Floor Mats Absorbs Moisture

Does your business operate in an area that sees regular rain or snow? Then you already know what a nightmare this excessive moisture can be for your hard floors and carpet. Unlike conventional mats, which become saturated almost immediately, commercial floor mats are designed to retain this moisture. Some can hold a gallon of water or more!

Commercial Floor Mats Control Bacteria

Hospitals and laboratories must adhere to a higher level of sanitation than other businesses. Some commercial floor mats are infused with antimicrobial properties that can eradicate these health risks before they get spread throughout the entire facility.

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