3 Green Cleaning Products That Eco-Conscious Clients Are Demanding

Posted by JaniSource on May 18th 2016

Today’s consumers are more informed about chemical toxins and their potential health hazards than ever before. Although people still want their homes, offices, and manufacturing facilities to be clean and sanitary, they’re no longer willing to do so in a way that puts their health or the planet at risk. 

That’s why JaniSource carries some of the finest green cleaning products in the industry.

Tired of losing out on potential business because you don’t have the green cleaning products your clients demand? Here are three essential products to get you started.

Alpenglow ECO Wood Floor Cleaner

Yes, it says “wood” in the name, but this eco-friendly cleaning solution can actually be used on a variety of flooring types with great results! Alpenglow ECO wood floor cleaner can be used with a mop and bucket or an automatic floor scrubber. Your customers will be thrilled to know that it offers low toxicity, low VOC, and is biodegradable.

CleanZyme ECO Odor Eliminator & Carpet Spotter

No one likes spots and smelly stains on the carpet, but until recently strong chemical sprays were the only option for dependable stain and odor removal. Not anymore! Your eco-conscious clients will be thrilled when you show them how effectively CleanZyme uses beneficial bacteria to make stains vanish.

Fizzy Concentrated Peroxide Citrus Cleaner

With a proprietary blend of citrus solvents, biodegradable detergents, and hydrogen peroxide, JaniSource’s own concentrated product cleans, de-greases, and deodorizes without the use of chlorine bleach, phosphates, or butyl solvents.

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