Which Yard Bag Is Right For You?

Which Yard Bag Is Right For You?

Posted by David Cox on Oct 25th 2016

Fall is here! There's a change in the weather, and of course, a tapestry of colors to admire from the blowing leaves. As beautiful as they may be, keeping your yard neat is important. You might also be mowing the grass one last time. Everyone needs a way to collect their yard waste. Which is the best method for you? There are many things to consider, such as the environment. 

These days, people are trying to be for conscious of how they dispose of things responsibly and keeping in tune with mother nature. In the past, you may have used plastic trash bags when raking your yard. Before you go this route, make sure that this type of disposal is permitted where you live, as there have been many changes over the years requiring biodegradable options, such as compostable paper bags or compostable can liners that are available.

Some things to keep in mind is the amount of time and effort you want to spend on lawn maintenance, especially if you have a small group working on the project. Do you have someone to rake and someone to hold the bag? Perhaps it would suit you better to have a self-standing yard bag. Thickness is another feature that matters. Do you need a low density (LD) or high density (HD) bag? LD bags are thicker and more flexible than the HD bags, which have a different manufacturing process. Because the HD bags are thinner, they are less resistant to punctures and are better suited for lighter weight debris, which would accommodate yard waste.

In addition to how you can dispose of your yard waste, there may also be items that cannot be disposed of in this manner, so be sure to check with with your local municipality. You should also verify that your collection bags meet regulatory standards. When selecting your bag option, it should be compliant with ASTM D6400 for biodegradability.

Most of all, make the clean up process easy and fun!

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