Chariot 4 CV 60/1 RS Deluxe Stand-On Vacuum, AGM Batteries, On-Board Charger (1.012-101.0)

850.00 LBS
24" Cleaning Path
4.7 Gal Capacity
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The Chariot CV 60/1 Deluxe is our next generation of a stand-on vacuum. Specifically designed with the user in mind, to focus on seamless operation and comfort while also greatly improving performance and productivity. HEPA-rated vacuum bags offer optimal health protection for users. Featuring our new Comfort Ride System, operators have less fatigue. An implemented brush cartridge offers dual counter-rotating brushes to deliver superb accuracy and increase debris capture. The dynamic speed control dial provides programmable user specific speeds to adapt to any workforce. The re-engineered drive motor allows flawless operation on ramps and padded carpets, and makes this Chariot a must have in your floor cleaning equipment fleet.

Comfort Ride System

  1. Anti-fatigue operator platform actively adjusts to weight shifts and balance.
  2. Operator position shifted to provide improved sight lines and maneuverability.
  3. Embedded Safety Operational Switch.

LCD Easy Dial Control Panel

  1. Technology designed with everyday use in mind for fast learning.
  2. Intuitive operation with clear communications.
  3. Durable membrane panel for cleaning mode selection provides longer life

Dual Brush Cartridge and Side Broom

  1. Dual counter-rotating brushes for superb performance.
  2. Universal brush for soft floor and hard floor applications.
  3. Side broom allows edge cleaning and eliminates secondary operations.

AGM Battery Option


pdf-icon-image-5.jpgKarcher Chariot 4 CV 60/1 RS Deluxe Brochure (1.012-101.0)