Cimex 19" Cyclone Carpet Encapsulation Machine (CR48CM)

104.00 LBS
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The Cyclone Carpet Machine is the premier Encapsulation machine, but also well-suited for cleaning virtually every type of floor surface. A unique feature of Cimex rotary machines is the patented three-head mechanism, incorporating a counter rotating planetary system, which not only ensures a more thorough cleaning action, but also allows greater operational control with a torqueless action. This three-head system makes the operator's task much easier as it eliminates the tendency to "slide" which can be encountered with a single head machine.

  • Includes 6.5 Gallon solution tank
  • Features a reversing switch
  • Can be used with either a set of nylon brushes (4807) or InstaLock Pad driver (4862)
  • Uses 3 8" beige Cimex scrubbing pads (FP18)

pdf-icon-image-5.jpgCimex 19" Carpet Encapsulation Machine Brochure (CR48CM)