Crown Matting Ergo X-Treme Drain-Through 776 Floor Mat XT776-000

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41.00 LBS
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ErgoX-Treme™ is our safe stand toughest ergonomic solution for harsh environments. As a performance collection product this mat offers maximum durability in wet or oily environments. Modular tiles offer flexibility to reconfigure the mat to accommodate changing work environments. Durable mat with an efficient drainage system for good adherence on oily surfaces.

  • 100% oil and grease-proof molded nitrile matting
  • Aggressively patterned top surface ensures maximum foot traction in slippery environments
  • Modular tiles can be assembled to fit any area
  • Safety ramps available with or without grit

    Provide a heavy-duty solution for oily areas (Factory Machine shop Autom anufacturer Power transmission facility

  • Anti-fatigue: 30 out of 100
  • Durability: 100 out of 100
  • Traction: 100 out of 100

  • Thickness: 3/4"
  • Material: 100% Nitrile rubber
  • Electrical Properties: (109 ohms per sq.) ASTM D-257
  • Coefficient of friction: #775דolid Top-.965 per ASTM D1677 / #776ׄrainage Top -.965 per ASTM D1677 / #777ׄrainage Top with Grit-Safe 1.08 per ASTM D1677
  • Product Weight: 41 lbs/case
  • Flammability: D.O.C.-F.F.-1-70 (Pill Test)
  • Note: Sold in full cases of eight tiles only. Pre-assembled workstations have borders on both of the shorter-dimension sides and one of the longer-dimension sides.
    Custom mats can be ordered in sizes up to 9' x 21'. Workstations can be produced in 1" increments not including any optional yellow custom edging. Addition of edging to a custom mat to any side increases the size of the mat by 3".

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