Deb 91128 Restyle Curve Manual Dispenser Black 1 / each

1.00 LBS
Made in CA

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Unique range of 1 liter, 2 liter and 4 liter closed, sealed cartridge dispensers that meet the distinct needs of any office or public facility environment.

Deb Stoko 91128 Restyle Curve Manual Dispenser Black 1 / each

Universal Dispenser for Deb Stoko cartridges

 Product Features:

  • Guaranteed for life - Manufactured from durable plastic components and tested for high usage environments, providing assurance of quality and long-term cost efficiency.
  • BioCote® protected 
  • Large push buttons - Minimize the operation force required to allow easy use.
  • Fixed product dose - Delivers the exact amount required, controlling usage and reducing waste.
  • Unique locking mechanism - Helps prevent unauthorized access, pilferage and product contamination. 
  • Sight Glass - Indicates the level of product in the cartridge which helps identify when product needs replacing.
  •  Simple cartridge replacement
  • No wastage - The air-tight cartridges are designed to collapse during use ensuring full evacuation of product with no wastage.