Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner, RTU - Quart (Case of 12)

12.00 LBS
Made in US

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Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner is the perfect combination of hydrogen peroxide and other natural ingredients that provide a powerful, safe and simple all-purpose cleaner. Our unique formula is fortified with hydrogen peroxide, which safely oxidizes soil and stains, destroys odors, and provides color safe bleaching action - making it excellent for tubs, showers, tile & grout, walls, washroom fixtures and more! Plus because it's biodegradable you can feel good that it's safer for your family or customers. It's so easy to use too - just spray on and watch the dirt melt away! You don't need to rinse either - just wipe off with a cloth or paper towel. With our fresh orange scent you'll enjoy the clean scent of citrus in any room!


  • Low toxicity & VOC
  • Hydrogen Peroxide fortified
  • Readily biodegradable
  • No rinse required


  • Powerful cleaning power without harsh chemicals that are bad for your family or environment
  • Safe to use on most surfaces such as walls, tile & grout, washroom fixtures toilet bowls & urinal
  • Removes dirt & grime quickly & easily
  • Freshens any room with its delightfully refreshing orange scent


Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner, RTU - Technical Data Sheet

Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner, RTU - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)