Impregnator H20 Water & Oil Stain Repellent, 2.5 gallon, Case of 2

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A ready-to-use, water based, penetrating sealer for use on porous mineral surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, cement, terra cotta, unglazed tile, and grout. By creating a transparent subsurface barrier which gives water and oil repellency, it makes the surface stain resistant. This allows for easy cleanup of most spills and quicker dry times. It is non-yellowing for long lasting interior/exterior applications. This subsurface sealer provides durable protection without leaving a visible film, allowing the natural beauty of the stone to show.

PREPARATION: Sweep up loose dirt and dust. If surface is still dirty, scrub area with a quality general purpose cleaner to remove dirt and oils. Follow with a thorough rinsing and allow floor to dry completely.

APPLICATION: Sealer can be applied with paintbrush, pad, roller, mop or a low-pressure pump-up garden sprayer can also be used for large areas. Generously wet the surface, but do not allow puddles to form. Coverage will depend on the porosity of the stone. Highly porous surfaces such as cement or concrete will require two coats. If a second coat is necessary, apply a second coat after allowing first coat to dry for at least 30 minutes. Allow final coat to dry at least 4 hours before opening area to light traffic. Maximum performance will be reached in 48-72 hours.

Size:  1 gallion / Case of 4