IPC Eagle i-mop Lite, 14" Compact Automatic Scrubber, With Charger and Lithium Battery

36.38 LBS
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The i-mop Lite is an extension of the IPC Compact Scrubber line. Its maneuverable and lightweight design weighing only 36 pounds, including the battery brush, and water. The machine can be carried from room-to-room, making it perfect for cleaning restrooms, picking up spills, and cleaning wet and slippery entryways. Its small, compact size allows it to squeeze into many tight spaces, such as aisles or between tables, making it perfect for the retail sector and restaurants as well.

  • Simplify operation and training with intuitive controls Simplify operation and training with intuitive controls
  • Have continuous run-time with rechargeable modular battery packs swapping out and recharging with three batteries (single battery included spares sold separately)
  • Keep solution pushed toward the center rather than splashing off to the side of the machine with splash guards
  • Minimize down time and easily replace change cleaning solution or empty recovery water in a sink with detachable tanks
  • Help prevent potential damage to the vacuum motor with the automatic angle shutoff which stops operation when the handle is placed below 32 degrees