IPC Eagle KTRI02350 Brix Basic Cart

20.00 LBS
Made in IT

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IPC Eagle Brix Carts cleaning solution is designed for a "build your own" application that allows flexibility to create, match and combine a configuration that best meets your individual business needs.
  • An innovation in sustainability - Exclusive technology made from more than 75% high quality recycled plastic promotes environmental protection and sustainable development. The material used with this cart is 100% recyclable.
  • Simplicity - Flexible components to build your own cart in multiple configurations. Whether it's for a hotel, retail, gas stations, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. The Brix BiG cart can be custom built to suit your business needs.
  • Flexibility - Change your cart as you grow, this cart offers your business the ability to take one cart and use it for multiple applications and change it over time to fit your business needs. It also offers easy replacement of accessories if for some reason they are damaged without the need to purchase a new cart. Why replace the whole cart just because your business has expanded?  We offer easy to replace components for every application.

 pdf-icon-image-5.jpgBRIX Cleaning Cart Systems Brochure