Karcher BVL 5/1 BP Backpack Vacuum, Battery Powered

19.40 LBS
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The world's first battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner made from ultra light weight EPP material. Nearly half the weight of its predecessor.

Thanks to an innovative EPP (expanded polypropylene) material, the carrying weight on the back is slightly over 10 pounds. With an output of 500 watts, a long battery running time and a 1.3 gal. container, the backpack vacuum is ideal for narrow spaces where cleaning is difficult such as cinema seating, buses, trains or airplanes. Featuring an ergonomic carrying frame, the operator uses a control panel on the waist strap to perform effortless, convenient cleaning, complete with separate designs for right-handed or lefthanded people. The brushless EC drive is also extremely resistant to wear and tear. Various accessories are supplied alongside. A HEPA-14 filter is also optionally available.

Includes battery and charger.