PRO FLO Dispensing System, 4 Unit Model, 1 Each

19.02 LBS
Made in US

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The PRO FLO Dispenser System allows for dilution control of select items in our chemical line. A perfect blend of style and performance, this system provides users with dispensing options and effective chemical solutions at a low in-use cost. Installation and use of the dispensers and products have been designed for optimal efficiency and ease of use.

This dispensing system incorporates a special, custom designed bottle called the Influx. These pre-plumbed units do not require installers to connect a mess of water lines to different chemical compartments. Simply hang this unit with the included mounting template, connect your main water supply and you are on your way! The single key locking cabinet houses four chemicals which can be selected by turning a dial and switching from large container filling to a quart bottle is as easy as the touch of a button. The features of this unit are many and so are the user benefits.

pro-flo-dilution-control-.jpgProduct Features

  • Style & high performance
  • Low in-use cost
  • Efficient
  • Increased safety
  • Dilution accuracy
  • Waste reduction
  • For use with our 80oz PRO FLO Chemical Line