Replacement Filter for Ready Pure DI Water Purification System

9.00 LBS
Made in IT
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This filter works with the Ready Pure DI Water Purification System, allowing you to replace old filters for any reason.

  • DI Cartridge
  • DI Holder Frame
  • Wall Mount Screws
  • Rubber Feet for Portable Use
  • Magnetic TDS Meter

Ultra Pure water (pure H20) is not found in nature. It is unstable in it’s pure form and carries pent
up cleaning energy to solubilize soils and other contaminants it comes in contact with.

• Ultra Pure water can be used alone (in light to medium soil) or in conjunction with
chemicals (in medium to heavy soils).
• Ultra Pure Water leaves no residue or build up on the surface
• Perfect for cleaning windows!

Ultra Pure water makes cleaning chemicals more efficient and effective by eliminating the need
for the chemicals to treat the water and apply all of its cleaning energy to dissolve the soil that
needs to be removed.

• Cleaning chemicals work by improving the ability of water to release, dissolve and
hold the soils in solution that have been removed from the surface.


 Ultra Pure Cleaning Systems Brochure