Ultra Big Blue Bowl Cleaner, 9 oz Cartridge, Case of 48 (12-BBL-F)

36.00 LBS
Made in US

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Ultra Big Blue releases billions of beneficial bacterial to consume bio materials that cause odors, keeping your bowl clean, blue and fresh.The enzymatic automatic bowl cleaner, is placed in the tank to continuously clean the bowl. It turns the water blue so you know it’s clean & fresh. Redesigned packaging makes it easier to fit in a wide variety of tanks. It lasts for 900 flushes and has increased surfactant concentration so it cleans better than ever.

  • Easier to use: smaller size makes it easier to fit in a variety of tanks
  • Long lasting: lasts up to 900 flushes in a more compact size
  • Improved cleaning power: increased surfactant concentration helps clean better than before
  • Eco-Friendly: Beneficial bacteria consume malodors and promote biodegradability
  • Quantity: 9 oz Cartridge (Case of 48 / 4 Boxes of 12)
  • Model Number: BBL-F-012I048M-00