ViruScrub 1:256 Concentrate Disinfectant, Mildewcide, Fungicide & Virucide Cleaner, Kills Coronvirus, 1 Gallon

10.00 LBS
Made in US

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ViruScrub is a one-step general, hospital, medical disinfectant, fungicide and virucide cleaner. Kills HIV, HBV and HCV on pre-cleaned hard, non-porous surfaces/objects previously soiled with blood/body fluids. This product can also be used as a non-acid toilet bowl and urinal disinfectant/cleaner. Cleans and disinfects shower rooms, locker room and other large, open areas with floor drains.

  • Kills Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), Herpes Simplex Type 1 & more.
  • Neutral pH
  • Concentrated product dilutes at 0.5 oz per gallon, a 1:256 ratio
  • Scent: Lemon
  • Unit of Measure: 1 Gallon (Each)
  • EPA REG. NO.: 10324-141

ViruScrub Concentrate is cost-effective and will save you money! In its diluted form, ViruScrub cost only 14¢ per gallon to use as a general hospital grade disinfectant. By mixing and using ViruScrub for all of your disinfecting needs, you will save literally hundreds of dollars a year in money that you would normally spend on conventional store-bought products! *Cost does not include shipping, tax, labor to mix etc 

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Applicable Locations:

Ideal for hospitals, medical and dental offices and clinics, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, day care centers and nurseries, kindergartens, and preschools, restaurants and bars, kitchens, cafeterias, fast food operations, supermarkets, convenience stores, retail and wholesale establishments. Institutional facilities, laboratories, factories, business and office buildings, restrooms, hotels and motels, schools, colleges, churches, athletic facilities and locker rooms, exercise facilities, gymnasiums. 


pdf-icon-image-5.jpg ViruScrub 256 Concentrate - Technical Data Sheet (TDS)



pdf-icon-image-5.jpg ViruScrub 256 Concentrate - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)