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Windsor Karcher Specialty Machine COMPASS 2 115V - Free Shipping

240.00 LBS

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Product description

The Compass 2 is machine is a specialty machine dedicated to touchless cleaning. This design removes soils and bacteria while increasing safety. Touchless cleaning.

• State-of-the-art touchless cleaning design allows the operator a clutter-free work station, while providing easy access to tools, chemicals and accessories.
• Daily cleaning will completely remove soils and bacteria, leaving your facility “Compass Clean.” 
• Safely and accurately dispenses cleaning solutions at a safe pressure, then it rinses at low or high pressure and vacuums the surfaces completely dry in 1/3 less time than conventional cleaning methods.
• Unique features of the Compass 2 allow the operator to clean multiple surfaces easily and safely while increasing productivity, saving time, and reducing labor costs.